Attempting NaNo #2

Hey everyone!

Big news: I am going to attempt NaNoWriMo again this November.

Without a plot.

Without characterization.

Just names, a concept, and a hope I will succeed.


Yeah so this probably won’t end well, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try! If you have a NaNo account, please link me to your bio so I can add you as a writing buddy and vice versa. It’ll be fun! Word wars are always good things *nods*.

Title: Tattered

Genre: Spiritual/Religious


fog-02 (It has no words as of right now, but that’s OK!)

Concept: Three teenagers experience trials and tribulations mixed with newfound hopes and beautiful realities, all leading up to a stronger understanding of what it means to have faith.

Frank, Gavin, and Harper are ordinary teens leading usual lives. They have their interests, their home life, and their friends while balancing their grades, academics, traditional school life and not so traditional school life. This combination sums up to be their whole world. Their have their struggles and they make their mistakes, but it’s life and they’re just going through it.

What they don’t understand is that a world you think you control is one actually very vulnerable and out of your grasp. Each teen faces realities they are usually sheltered from in their somewhat comfortable lifestyles, as they go deeper into who they truly are and learn they won’t always be protected from the darkest of truths after all.

Explanation of very vague concept:

So basically, I’m doing a different approach this year when it comes to writing a novel. Since July, I’ve realized I really want to write about my faith. I used to shy away from it, because I hate clichés, and I hate mushy unrealistic content. I feel like it pushes readers away when they can’t relate. Now I know the term “ordinary” might seem cliché, but I advise you it’s a little misleading. It’s generically describing that each person isn’t living extraordinary lives. It doesn’t mean their health is impeccable or their intellect is below average. I’m just not sure how to characterize them yet. We’ll all find out together!

My goal is to explore what happens with addictions, death, sickness, self-control and God. I want to express realities with faith. Not mushy or scratch the surface faith. I want to exhibit real suffering. I’m using my own personal experience as a guideline for one of the characters, and I’ll figure out the other two along the way. Longing is a leading factor in a lot of these situations, so I’m going to explore that too. I’m very interested to see where this goes.

Guys, I honestly can’t tell you I know what I’m doing. I don’t know if the concept even makes sense entirely. But I’m going to work through it and depict that God is always there, through your best and your worst. You won’t know by feeling it, because God’s not a feeling.

I want to convey all of this in my novel.

We’ll see where this leads! Again, if you want to be my writing buddy on NaNo, let me know below. If you want your writing buddy profile to be private, submit the link under “Contact” on my blog. I would love to befriend all of you and see how well we do together!

*prays this novel won’t crash and burn by Thanksgiving*

Pax in Christo,



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