NaNo Week One Recap

Hey guys!

So I’m a bit late on this, but I thought it’d be cool to update you on my NaNo progress. I’m actually doing pretty good so far, despite my fears I’d fail to make it past 2,000. That’s because, well, I’m pantsting. You can read about my novel idea here!

So I have this 2k a day plan to make sure I don’t lose this year, and I actually won’t be going on vacation for Thanksgiving (my mother broke her foot 😦 ), so I’ll have plenty of time to win!

Day One: 1,691

I wanted to hit 2,000 words but school decided to make that difficult.


Me to school at the end of the day

Day Two: 4,040

Okay, so a little more progress here. I’m writing literal fluff and I don’t know where I’m going. So I decide to pull from my personal experiences of, like, two weeks ago. So it’s definitely boring.

Day Three: 6,095

I’m keeping up with my 2,000 a day plan nicely!

Day Four: 8,028


Don’t ever pants your novels. It doesn’t go well.

Day Five: 10,517

Saturday was literal fire, and I got to Skype with the fabulous Misty@Creative World of Writing for the first time! She is so nice in person too 🙂 We word warred for a little bit, and it was fun!

Day Six: 10,517

I had no access to my computer ;-; I was a sad Grace for most of Sunday, but I’m definitely hard at work keeping the 2K a day Plan alive this week!

And now, for some excerpts!

    It begins with darkness. A void only to our eyes a continuous black nothingness, stretching for eons. There is nothing to satisfy the senses; rather we are hollowed by the emptiness. The silence is deafening, an overwhelming wave of stillness that comes over us again and again. We are unaware of how it came to be this way, for we know there was a time before we were cast here.

Our mind begins to shut down. While the memories were but entities we could hold in our hands, they failed to play like home movies at our command anymore. We knew they existed, but we did not know how or why. They escape to fill the nothingness with more of it. Our emotions dissolve next, simply numbing our souls and leaving ourselves just a machine. Now we have becoming nothing, too.


“Youth group’s important too. God is more important than school.” Harper was saying words she knew Melanie already knew herself.

The words burned in her heart, as if someone stuck a branding iron in the inside of her chest.

God is more important than everything.

As Harper lowered herself back in her seat, she suddenly felt very alone inside the crowded room. If only Melanie knew what Harper was making more important than God these days.


Cissy wasn’t having it. “Mommy I don’t want to!” she said angrily, her eyes wide with disbelief. “Homeschooling is nutty, what about my friends? You can’t do this!”

“Cissy!” their mother cried, “I know honey!” She pulled Cissy into a hug, which the young girl didn’t fight. “But listen to me. I wouldn’t put you through something I didn’t think worked. Can you do this for Mommy please?” Gavin had sat silently, his whole life spinning through his head. The rides to school, the field trips, the class parties, his friends, the sports. The science fair. It dissolved before his eyes, flew away in the wind like a sheet pulled from its washing pins.

His life was a blank slate. In other words, it was totally over.

But seeing his mom looking so tired, so drastically different with the prospect their father could get really sick forced him to wake up to the reality it wasn’t all about what he wanted.


After pulling out the onions, garlic cloves, and a can of tomatoes, Harper went back out to the front porch to pull some basil leaves off of her mother’s basil plant. The aromatic scent floated up to her nose and she sighed happily. Being surrounded by fresh greenery and the different colors poking through the foliage always put Harper in a reminiscent state. Flashbacks of planting with her mother in the garden of her toddler home, running happily through brand new dirt and sucking in the smell of strong spikes of mulch.  Those days were brighter than the glint of sunlight on the diamond jewelry during middle school she’d sneak from her mother’s bracelet box when she wasn’t in the room .

Innocence was the beautiful greeting of the morning, the call of the red robin that danced through the trees, knees deep in the salty ocean, the pricks of pine needles that were found through the forest. Now it was slipping through her fingers.

I guess most of it is pretty decent? Look out, week 2 of NaNo. I won’t be defeated.


I feel like Michael Scott gifs speak the most to me.


19 thoughts on “NaNo Week One Recap

  1. You got to Skype with Misty?! The Misty? Creative World Of Writing Misty???? *sobs* Good job on your goal!! I’m failing epically so far.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. GRACE!!! YOU SKYPED MISTY WITHOUT ME?!?!? ( XD XD XD I kid, I kid.) But that is seriously AWESOME!!!
    It looks like you had a great week! You’re doing really well, my friend! 😀 Good luck with your novel! 😀 (It’s funny, cause you strike me as someone who would plan the entire year leading up to NaNo, lol. XD )
    Keep up the great work! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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