Inactivity (A Stream of Consciousness)

An object in motion stays in motion
an object at rest stays at rest
unless an unbalanced force acts
upon it.

this force,
i cannot find,
whether it lives
in inspiration
or in the success
of others.

i wish i knew where it was.
a proud owner i once was,
with a sensational smile.
my pen leaked myself,
and i felt things.

now my words,
are just words.
dulled and numbed,
reality butted itself
in, and instead of
grabbing the reins
and squeezing my eyes shut
to amplify my senses

i did nothing.
ruts, blocks, breaks, distraction
disrupt the vast pastures of my world.
others take a place at the starting line.
i just watch and wonder,
why i don’t join them.

my tears are frozen inside my eyelids,
my lack of exercise has kept me away.
‘Goodbye,’ I whisper. ‘I’ll find you
again, some day.’


7 thoughts on “Inactivity (A Stream of Consciousness)

  1. GRACE. WUT.
    I’m always thinking it’s impossible for you to get any better, and then you do. o_O Just your word choice and the messages hidden in your poetry and just AHHH I love it. ❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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