It’s Time to Come Together

Yeah so I guess I’m writing this post…It’s not fleshed out, because I wanted to make it brief.

For my fellow American readers,

Today I watched the inauguration of our new president, Donald Trump. What a crazy reality. But it is a reality nonetheless.

I read in my AP U.S. Government book yesterday a really interesting concept. It was comparing America’s political culture to that of other countries with similar constitutions. What makes us different? it asked. In partly answering the question, it said that Americans are more willing to accept whoever is elected as president without making a fuss.

Now I don’t really know if that’s exactly a true comparison, but that’s besides the point here. The fact is, people are making a big fuss about this election. Still.

I understand they have a right to display their distaste or their hatred for this new president. But to not call him your president? That’s downright ridiculous. This is your country, you are a citizen here, people elected him and he is your president now.

I know people didn’t want that. People definitely didn’t want that. I didn’t want, nor did I ever think, Donald Trump would become our president. But this is a new chapter in our country’s history. The middle class, hard working Americans in small towns needed someone who cared about them. Will Trump show this care as he promised? I sure hope so, but that is for us to find out. He just got sworn in not 24 hours ago. We need to take a step back and wait. And most importantly, show our support. Show that we are willing to give him a chance.

Because the United States is a country, and us Americans are its citizens. If you don’t want to support the government system just because your candidate wasn’t elected, then I’m sorry. I understand where both sides are coming from. But now is the time to stand together as a nation, and not on two sides of an issue, and support our new president. We need to look past the media, the celebrities, the angry protesters, and we need to find strength and hope in what has just happened.

Most importantly, we need to put our trust in God. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and we can’t feel helpless in a time where we need to be strong. Our patriotism is dying, our unity is dissolving. We’re the United States of America, and though we don’t have to agree on every issue, we should unify in supporting our president. I’m not saying agree with him, I’m not saying push away your own opinions. But to constantly stir anger and hate towards him just breaks our country a part even more so. And it’s sickening to constantly read so much insulting and negative content about Trump. He’s not a perfect man, I’m not condoning what he’s done in the past.

But today is the present, and tomorrow is the future. It’s time to open our eyes and let go of these things, be patient and see what he does. And most importantly see what the state of our nation becomes. We need progress in this country. So please–turn your eyes to God, ask Him to bless Trump with the grace and dignity to lead this nation, ask Him to guide our leaders, and ask Him to ensure that Trump will keep the American people’s best interests at heart.

Let’s start coming together. Let’s start becoming more supportive of our new president. Let’s be patient and positive, and let’s be kind to each other. Let us strive to be Americans during this time. May God bless our nation.

Pax in Christo,




5 thoughts on “It’s Time to Come Together

  1. You said this so perfectly! Totally agree with everything. During a campaign, it’s okay to voice your disagreement and protest against a candidate. Once that person is the president? Not so much. Thanks for being brave enough to post something like this! It’s a message that needs to get out!

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