The whispers of your eyelashes,
The dalliance of our eyes,

the brush of your tongue
that paints words in my ears
they were droplets of lies.

The ocean of your hands,
the timber of your arms,

The steady drum of the rain,
in time with your heart,
spoke volumes in the dark.

The milk of your skin,
The strawberries of your hair,

The rocks of your syllables,
smooth on the surface,
sharp in your swears.

You’re next to me,
then you’re not.

You’re here,
then you’re gone.

In the deepest of lows,
I slide my eyelids shut,
and your head is beside mine.

When I turn to see you,
my hands reaching for yours,
no response awakes me with a tine.

For then I remember,
tears gently spilling down my face
you never existed in the first place.


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