NaPoWriMo Day #2: What I Remember

what i remember now was the
suffocating heat of summer.
it stuffed itself into every inch
that stretched between us.
it robbed me of my freedom,
trapped me inside wooden walls
the machined air blasting
at full speed to wash it out.

what i remember next
was the moonlight,
how it graced its shine
against the rich violet
and how it followed me
as i ran through trees,
steady and solid, unlike
my sanity.

when heat dropped to freezing,
and your jacket was warmer
than the large fire we sat
around, and my naivety was
the stimulation to an agonizing
month-long waste of time.

when our words evolved from
sweet pursuance to familiar
conversation, and i sunk
deeper; my hollow desire
to be loved now over-flowing
as we walked upon shifting
sand, hand vainly in hand.

when our words evolved from
familiar conversation to constant
calamities, building up barricades,
loading ammunition and firing off
rounds of accusations, with fear
solidifying inside me, weighing me

when we parted ways,
i bloodied and
you eager to run.

what i remember was the
sharp loneliness,
aching and shaking,
floods of tears.

you held a numb expression
that recalled no memory of
me and you.

and what i remember most is
when we walked away from that summer

I was someone else.

You were the same.


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