The Dancer by Misty

This is a shorty story written by Misty a while ago. Thank you so much for submitting! @mistycreativewriting

The Hawaiian girl’s hands swept through the air as she swayed from side to side. Her dark, wavy hair rippled and moved along her back at every step she took. Her grass skirt swung at her waist every time she moved her waist. Sea blue eyes shining, she cast her gaze across the crowd, a smile playing at her lips. A small, pink flower was tucked behind her ear and more flowers, varieties of colors, hung around her neck. The majestic, yellow sun started to set over the horizon and colors of pink, orange, red, and yellow danced across the sky above the stage.

More Hawaiian dancers appeared on the stage, dancing behind the girl. Hands, moving through the air, bodies, swaying to the beat, the music was soothing and beautiful and the dancers seemed to feel it. A few had their eyes closed and others had dreamy looks on their faces. The girl in front’s face never stopped shining. Her wavy, coconut hair swung around behind her, matching her smooth, dark skin. Her smile was bigger now and lit up her whole face. People watched her in awe and a few tried to match her moves, which seemed to flow with the music perfectly.

Finally, the dance ended and the girl disappeared behind the stage. The audience clapped and cheered and soon drifted off in small groups, all with the memory of the beautiful dance playing over and over in their minds.

Behind stage, the girl ran a finger through her hair, thinking of the dance she had just performed. But she wasn’t thinking of the dance itself, and the smooth way that she moved her body. No, she was thinking of the amazing story that had just been told, that the audience hadn’t seen. The beautiful story that had been told of roaring waters, the wonders of the oceans, palm trees swaying in the wind, and nature of all kinds.Told in the simple movements of the Hawaiian dancers.


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