There She Sat by Grace

Hey fellow poets/writers! This is yet another short story (or more technically, a description dump) I posted to Mrs. Frederick’s blog. [Hey, she said describe the scene in detail, so I did! xD) I also presented it at a CWC meeting, and got some pretty encouraging feedback. Remember, if you want a work featured, fill out the form, please~ ^.^

There she sat, hunched over, fingering broken shells and grainy sand. Her thick auburn hair masked her quivering lips and her searching emerald eyes. Her white teeth faintly bit her lip as she waited. To burn the wasted time, she began to layer thin sheets of sand on top of her, letting the specks trail down her tan legs. The rich lime green dress she wore fluttered in the wind, causing creases in the floral design. Green was her favorite color, and she admired how well it complimented her hair. Her toes faintly brushed against the tips of the foam that surged towards her and then retreated back quickly. By the time her ten rosy toes were completely concealed with sand, she heard shouts behind her.


In an instant, she jumped up; shaking off bits of sand still left, and darted towards the boy. Her feet sank in the sand, but she managed to pull them out and produce a shaky laugh. The glare of the sun bored into her eyes, but if she squinted hard enough, all she could see was him. Building up endurance granted her rushing winds that wrapped around her, pushing her towards the grinning boy.

“Jennie!” he called, lifting her up in a single swift motion. He then set her on the ground as the two produced smiles and laughter in the salty air. Jennie began tugging the boy’s arms towards the crisp, azure waves that increased in strength and power. Their white caps towered and crashed into the shore. The boy placed a firm hand on Jennie’s shoulder, amber eyes glancing around nervously as he reached into his shirt pocket. Pulling his hand out, Jennie stole a glimpse of something glinting in the sunlight.

A gasp climbed up her throat, struggling to break free as the boy fingered an emerald ring with a golden band. It consisted of brilliant facets that caught the sunlight up above, twinkling with mischief and beauty.

“To match your eyes,” he whispered, taking Jennie’s left hand. Jennie forced the trembling in her fingers to stop as he slipped the golden band up and over her knuckle. A smile played across her lips, tears scrambling to her eyelids. She closed her eyes to feel the moment, to capture it and lock it deep inside of her. The salt that stuck to her lips, the wind that wove into her hair, the sand that enveloped her toes and feet, and the ring that held a story of love all of its own.


5 thoughts on “There She Sat by Grace

  1. Hey, Grace! I finally got myself a blog, and although I have just started out, I already got nominated for a challenge! I really think that you should do the “3 Day, 3 Quotes Challenge!” Who knows, you might like it! Talk to you soon!!! 🙂


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